Spiritual Growth:Be Like a Child

Becoming like little children who are creative and counter-intuitive, without self-consciousness –unafraid of what others may think of us – is key for genuine spiritual growth. We can’t truly walk in faith unless we care only what God thinks about us and unless we have a willingness to look foolish and be the unique person God created us to be. In fact, the more we grow up spiritually, the more we resemble a child, the more nonconforming we become, and the more passionate we become, because we are becoming more like Christ who Himself was  extremely passionate and an extreme nonconformist for that day.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Growth:Be Like a Child

  1. Hi,
    There’s a meditation guru (Nisargadatta Maharaj) who adviced to be acutely self-conscious for a while in order for it to melt away … I’m practicing his method and after googling on “self-consciousness”, I came here.

    Nice to have this view. Nisargadatta also uses a term “bala-Krishna” which means “child consciousness” (Krishna, equivalent of Jesus in India, when he was a child).

    – Tony

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