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Be Aware of God Opportunities in Every Situation in 2010

2009 ended for us with some hurtful circumstances. Another wave of believers including our best friends, left our church to join another new church plant and although we know it is not the way of God to tear one of His assemblies down in order to build another, we still know His presence is in it all and we are therefore able to rejoice.

God has brought us to a place of total dependence on Him. He has also moved our little but God-filled fellowship to a public meeting place where the potential to reach the lost is hugely increased. I think that at least gives us a glimpse if not explanation of His purpose in allowing these precious saints to go their own way. He will use their decision for His purpose in their own personal learning and transformation; in their new church home; and in what He wants to accomplish through our lives and Christian assembly. To God be the glory. He will accomplish His goal and purpose through it all. 

It’s a new year and I am looking for God’s hand in every thing I see and experience this year – the good, the bad and the ugly. No matter what it appears, it will be for good as God takes it and uses it for His purpose and glory! 

Is there anything going on in your life currently that you do not understand? Any challenging situations? Perhaps there is someone you need to forgive?  Just remember that God is always in control. He is not living far off above the clouds somewhere but is intimately involved with the details of our lives. Not only is He sovereign but He loves us so very much that He is committed to work out perfection in us.  Ask Him to help you surrender the affairs of your life to Him and to trust Him for the glory that will transpire through it. 

God takes our challenges and works them for our good and His glory!  Hallelujah! So no matter what this year holds, be aware that every opportunity you encounter is an opportunity for God to show Himself your God!

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