Chasing After Your God-Sized Dreams (Pt. 2: Defying the Odds)

With God, we can defy the odds. What appears impossible to us as three-dimensional beings is very possible for God who has no dimensional limitations whatsoever. In fact, our impossibilities are the soil in which God performs miracles. To experience God in this way, however, we must get the right perspective about God, who He is, how big He is, that nothing is too difficult for Him, that He is sovereign, that He wants the best for us, and that He is always at work in the unseen realm setting us up for success. In other words, it is our view of God that determines what we have faith for, what we speak, what we ask God for, what we do and what we become.

On the other hand, our irrational fears and misconceptions can prevent us from being who God has designed us to be, living the life He has called us to live, and experiencing all the good He has for us. After weighing the consequences, our fears can prevent us from doing what is right. We should pray for courage to do what is right even in the midst of our fears. We can pray that we recognize and seize the opportunities God has laid before us that can catapult us into our destiny. To do this, however, we need to unlearn our paralyzing fears and misconceptions and replace them with God’s Word, aligning our thoughts with His. To do this, we need to spend time with God and grow in our love relationship with Him. As we are perfected in His love, our faith is energized, and enables us to face our fears and we begin to experience the liberty, fulfillment, and fruitfulness God has intended for us. We begin to walk on the offense instead of the defense and we begin to storm the gates of hell.

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