Daniel 11:32b – Those who know their God shall be strong and do mighty exploits

For many, after they become a Christian, they are interested in searching out answers concerning the circumstances of their lives or to find the healing they need due to wounds received along their life journey. For me, my priority was to know MORE about who this God was that loved me so much. This verse was my life verse for a long time as I wanted to know my God so that I would be able to do mighty exploits. I continue on my journey with this same desire. I want to know more about and experience more of God each and every day. Because I have this desire, He continues to reveal more of Himself to me by the Spirit and His written Word.

We also learn more about God as He walks with us through the events of our lives. For example, He has delivered me out of some really traumatic circumstances and when He did, one of the things that happened is my understanding of who God is deepened. Tonight while reading in the book of Exodus, I realized the same thing was true for the Israelites. Think about it. God delivered Israel not when Egypt was at their weakest, but when they were strong and powerful!

The story of their deliverance goes like this. Even after Aaron’s staff became a snake and ate all of the snakes produced by the Pharaoh’s sorcerers, the Pharaoh’s “heart becomes hard…just as the Lord had said” (Exodus 7:13). It is clear that Pharaoh has not yet learned God’s identity. Now God sends a series of plagues to show the Pharaoh that He the Lord must be obeyed. As we read the story about the plagues it is evident that both Israel and Egypt would “learn to know” a little more about God through each plague.

The gnats were the first plague the magicians were not able to copy. The interesting thing is that all of Egypt was afflicted by this plague of flies. They filled the land, that is, everywhere except where the Israelites lived (8:20-24). What has God revealed to Egypt, the Israelites and to us in this event?

Here we see Yahweh, as our sovereign and all powerful God who is in control of everything that happens in our lives. Here we see that the disasters that had taken place were not just quirks of nature.  Then there were the locusts that ate all that was left after the hail and the darkness that covered the land – again except where the Israelites lived.  However, Pharaoh continues to dismiss Moses and his God. After all, He was Pharaoh.

There would be one more horrible plague that would free Israel. The angel of death would take every firstborn male in Egypt while God protected the Israelites giving them the instructions that would spare their children from death.  Finally, Egypt would not just free the Israelites, but they would demand they leave. God has demonstrated His authority in this one night over Pharaoh and all of Egypt’s gods.

God is revealed in the devastations and challenges of life. Without them, how would we know God? These events are a necessary part of life’s journey in order for us to know our God and do mighty exploits.

54 thoughts on “Daniel 11:32b – Those who know their God shall be strong and do mighty exploits

  1. I have heard the forage is plentiful for sheep in the valleys and there is no food on the mountaintops. In my own life, when I have gone through “devestation” I have found God right at my side. I have felt His presence there to comfort and hold me. He is a great God!

  2. Thank you so much Abraham for pointing out the error in my post. I do hope you were still able to enjoy the spirit of the message and didn’t get hung up on the obvious slip of the “pen”. I do appreciate having it drawn to my attention so I could make the correction. Sometimes even our friends don’t tell us when we have something wrong, you know, like food stuck between our teeth that everyone can see when we smile. LOL. Thank you!

    • Hi Naomi. So sorry for the delay in responding to you. My husband and I have been on a time consuming but blessed journey of relocating ourselves and the ministry headquarters from NC to CA. We are almost settled now. I was blessed to see your post and hope you will return to this blog. I plan to start blogging more regularly this week so you might consider registering for the blog updates. May God continue His healing work in your life and may the power of His grace and truth keep you free of all bondage and condemnation. He loves you and He promises that He has you in His hands and will never, ever forsake you!

  3. In the mist of darkness light has been introduced. “For behold, darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness upon the people” for the devil would prefere more blind mind than blind eyes. That is why the bible exposed his activity as one who goes about BLINDING THE MINDS OF PEOPLE so that they dont understand God and his word. In the mist of this confusion the light of God shines in this darkness it the darkness could not understand it. The entrance of the word of God gives light and understanding to the simple. God want to save u from the darkness of sin. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is everlasting life. He loves u so much, he wants to save u from the hands of the thief, killer and destroyer who is the devil. Now u have an opportunity to escape the corruption in this word and BECOME PARTAKER OF HIS DIVINE NATURE. The nature of sin can be destroyed and the nature of righteousness incorporated into ur life. Am michael teries have a nice day I LOVE U…

  4. Pls, always send ur article to me. I’m highly inspired by this article. More of God in ur life and ministry in Jesus name

  5. God just revealed more of Him self to me today. My Pastor told me I’ll minister today being the eight day of our 21 day praying and fasten captioned “calling God by His Name” and am preparing to unveil the efficacy of JEHOVAH SHEKINAH. I now saw its SHEKINAH that was doing all these in Egypt

    • Sharron, Thank you for your comment on my blog post regarding Daniel 11:32b. I am very happy to respond to your question asking what inspired me to compose that particular post.

      When I started walking with the Lord, I was ecstatic about God’s grace and the mercy He showed towards me in Christ, especially as unworthy as I was (and still am). How grateful I was (and am) for His care for me that I just wanted to be able to do great things that would bring Him glory. When I read Daniel 11:32, I realized that if I would pursue God more, I would know Him more; and, if I knew Him more, I could do great things that would glorify Him! That became my life’s purpose – to glorify God! It may not appear that I have done all that great of things. What is great for one person to do may not be so great for another to accomplish. People are equipped differently and have had different experiences in their lives that have resulted in different kinds of barriers preventing them to move forward in different areas. For example, when I came to know God, I was a shy, broken, fearful person. I was not able to even stand up in a ladies bible study and say my name without my knees shaking and my voice quivering. I still have memory lapses when I speak at times, however, I have stood before a group of 200 women to speak for 45 minutes without any symptoms of fear. I have been interviewed on an International TV broadcast, although, I admit I was nervous and it was evident in my breathing. But praise be to God, it went pretty well. Most of my fears, God has removed as I have walked with Him and obeyed Him in the moment. I have found growing in a knowledge of God to be the solution to everything about myself I want to change. The more of His glory I see, the more I am changed.

      So, I wrote the post with a vision to encourage others to seek to know God more than they do today that they too will do things in their lives they never thought they could or would. For someone already able to speak fluently, their great thing that shows God at work in their lives, will be something else. Our God is an awesome God who gently changes and empowers us from glory to glory as we draw close to Him. As we and others witness that change, and the works He does through us, He is the only explanation and He is glorified!

      Thank you again, Sharron, for taking the time to interact with me on this blog. I hope to chat with you again.

  6. When we have a deficient knowledge about the Personality of God{the Creator}, we will eventually have a deficient knowledge of the Purpose of our Creation.May d Lord’s Presence continue 2 b with u. Wisin u long Life and prosperity wit gud suces

  7. Thank you for expiring my life, your blog on Daniel 11:32 was exactly the same experience going on in my life today and I feel so fulfilled in my quest of trying to know more about God.

    • Thank you for your comment. I praise God that He used this writing to inspire you today! May you continue to grow in your knowledge of and intimacy with God, and may you do mighty exploits in His name!

  8. God richly bless u Mum, I’ve been greatly moved. I just had Daniel 11:32 very strong in my spirit after sometime with the father and felt I needed to what it really said and thus how come I discovered this wonderful blog this morning. Is it possible to ask a few confidential questions if that’s ok through my email address please? I will really appreciate some guidance, thank you and God bless

  9. I have really been blessed by this word, the Lord spoke this word into my spirit yesterday Daniel 11:32. And I am blessed when I came across ur piece may God continue to bless and inspire u in Jesus name. Iam mightily blessed

  10. your piece on Daniel 11:32 i so inspiring, is just like a food given to feed the hungry heart. am so blessed! may our God keep blessing you with his knowlwdge and wisdom.

    • Thank you, Jessy. God is so good to speak to us in so many ways, including through one another! He spoke to you through this piece and then turned around and encouraged me, too, through your words of encouragement!

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  12. Been inspired by everyones posts, saw this blog because i woke up with this verse in my mind, been asking God for a scripture for my meditation. Been facing challenges in my life as a young minister, but iam encouraged and ready y to do exploits for God, through the power of the cross. Thanks Sarah, everyone who edifies us.

  13. My God is able, abundantly able to deliver and to safe those who trust in Him. Please brethren pray for me, i need a divine touch of God Almighty. Thanks for the write up, its a spirit booster.

    • Thank you for your comments, Noah. I have prayed for you and continue to pray. May God strengthen you and give you courage. May He touch you and bring the wholeness you need and may He be glorified through your life. May He help you to focus on Him, His glory and may you be transformed by it. I thank you, Lord God, that as you are, Noah is here on earth – completely whole, mind, body, and spirit – completely whole and sufficient, without lack, in every way and filled with the peace of God that passes all understanding! I thank you Lord that He is in your hands and that you are doing mighty exploits through him for your eternal purposes and plan! It is in Jesus’ name we pray and stand! Amen!

  14. Infact , the reality of God is in knowing Him as He is-that is only possible when He reveal Himself to you in the situation or challenge of your life.

  15. You could certainly see your skills within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who arent afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart. efkeekakbedb

  16. This is actually true,knowing God goes beyond a say,but its a wonderful experience for those that a living God on their side. God has been good to me in all ways and many of those who have not any relationship with God are really missing out of the bonuses God has for them as a child. Time is short to waste and valuable at all expense,opportunity for whoever got no interaction with God. This is a good medium of sharing God’s word and I so much cherish your effort reaching out to people. God bless and strenghten you.

  17. cavalry greeting to you , I was led by the Holy spirit about these powerful word as i search for it in my PC then i came across these powerful article , may GOD bless you more with with wisdom ..Jose

  18. This is really a nice post, It’s motivative and encouraging. Please keep it up. ‘ They that know their God shall stand and do exploits’

  19. Thank the God of Israel who give wisdom to those who believe in Him. Let God open your eyes so that you can eye the mystery of God in your live. Let God bless you and keep you.

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