Here I talk about what I’m doing and share my thoughts pertaining to well, anything that I am thinking on that day. I would love to have you to do the same  with me or comment on my or others comments posted here. This is the BLOGGING ABOUT LIFE & SCRIPTURE cagtegory. Let’s get to know one another as we encourage one another with the Word of God!

I use to post A SCRIPTURE A DAY and a DEVOTIONAL category. Although I no longer post in these separate categories, feel free to read and comment. I would be happy to jump back into any of those discussions.

I hope to generate some discussion here for all of us to grow from.

So post on the current post or scroll down the right side of the blog and choose your category.

I’m looking forward to blogging with you here! It would be fun to have your friends join us too. Perhaps you could share this blog with them and with your social networks. Thanks for visiting with me!  Blessings!!!


I am a pastor’s wife, mother of two adult children and thus far, grandmother to one grandson. Oh, I also have a standard poodle whom we love alot.

Professionally, I am a Christian writer and media host and speaker as well as a professionally certified life coach. I am especially interested in the renewing of the mind, helping ladies to leave the past behind and embrace their new identity in Christ. I have founded www.sistersonassignment.tv to help other women along with myself to have an opportunity to gain exposure for the message God has given them. I hope  you can watch my program “Truth that Empowers” on the Light Source network and listen to my devotionals on the OnePlace online radio network

My husband I are founders of a 501c ministry,  www.declaringhisanswer.com and all that I do to minister is under that covering. This means that should you wish to give financial support to my ministry efforts, your donations are eligible for full tax benefits. When you give through my website www.sarahgoebel.com, you are giving through DHAMinistries.

Although I do limited live events, if you need a speaker for your ladies conference, I would be delighted to discuss your event with you to see if we are a fit.

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