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What a great time with the ladies of Fort Leonardwood

It has been a really busy spring with housetraining a new puppy and preparing for three spring conferences, but I am loving every minute of it! These things have slowed me down in regards to getting a regular schedule going for blogging, but I promise you that I am working on that. I do so desire to connect with you on a regular basis through blogging.

This past week, I had the honor and privilege to share four messages with the ladies from Fort Leonardwood, MO. They held a conference in the mountains just a few miles from Branson and it was indeed an incredible time! The lodge we stayed in was built from the most beautiful wood and the interior decoration created an ideal atmosphere for the presence of God to move and bring peace to our souls. There were 35 awesome ladies present and I so enjoyed the opportunity to talk on a personal level with these ladies in addition to encouraging them with the Word of God. What a great group of women they have at Fort Leonardwood!!! My prayers and my admiration goes out to them as they are on the front lines of the battle as military soldiers and soldiers spouses protecting our freedom and fighting for freedom of those who are oppressed around the world. They have been ordained by God for such a time as this for the mission of advancing His kingdom in places such as Afghanistan where the gospel had not been preached openly for some 750 years before our soldiers were deployed to that land. God’s purpose is being fulfilled in it all and I pray for our military and their wives and families to obtain eternal rewards for their sacrifice along with the military personnel themselves. I would ask everyone who reads this blog to do the same. May God’s favor and blessing be with them forever!