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Moody Air Force Base – More Great Ladies!

I returned home Sunday night after spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the Moody Air Force Base ladies in Ray City, GA at a Christian renewal campsite known as Camp  Tygart. We had a wonderful time as God’s presence was so very strong in our midst. I am overjoyed to have witnessed many women responding to the light of God’s Word and Spirit as He moved into the crevices of their hearts to expose those things that they needed to let go of. What a wonderful and loving God we have who will so gently perform surgery on us in order that we may have an opportunity to live the abundant life Christ came to give us!  Linda, who was in charge was a sweetheart with a warm heart for God and His women at Moody. What a pleasure to meet them all. I do hope to continue to grow in friendship with the ladies I have met there. It is an amazing thing how you can love someone you know for only a few days. That is available only by the Spirit of God. God dwells in me and I know it must be His love that He has for them permeating my soul with love for them. It would be so unnatural for an unbeliever but I truly can say “I love you” to these women and mean it. As sisters in Christ, we can love one another almost instantly upon meeting one another. It is supernatural! I love how God transforms us and is forever loving others through us as we die to our own selfishness and focus on Him and those whom He loves. Have you experienced this supernatural love towards your sisters in Christ?