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Be Established in Grace

Hebrews 13_9

What do you need today? God’s provision for  spiritual growth as well as material needs is experienced increasingly more in our lives, not according to our goodness, but according to our belief in His love and desire to provide for us through His amazing grace despite our failures and weaknesses. So let your heart be established in God’s grace (Hebrews 13:9) and abide in His love – (John 15:9). It is in resting in God’s amazing, unconditional love and grace that you as a believer in Christ will be positioned to experience His undeserved, but available provision for you!John 15_9







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I enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July yesterday with my family as we acknowledged the 235th birthday of our country’s independence. We had wonderful fellowship, great food and a nice little display of fireworks. I couldn’t help but think about how gracious our God has been towards us. There is no doubt that God had His hand in the forming of our country, giving us the freedoms we have been so blessed to enjoy. It is because of this freedom that we have been able to actively send help around the globe as well as advance God’s Kingdom into the uttermost regions of the earth. I believe we can truly say, we are God’s country.

It does sadden my heart as I recognize that the freedom He has empowered us with has been gradually slipping through our fingers. We have lost many of our constitutional freedoms and are on a path to see the loss of even more unless God intervenes. These losses will also affect our ability to move the gospel here in our homeland as well as abroad.

I myself have been guilty in the past years of not paying close attention to what was happening around us. I believe many Christians have been in that place with their heads buried in the sand right along with me. I now understand that God has entrusted the church with the responsibility to guard this gift He has given us. We are those who have the discernment and the knowledge of what is acceptable or not acceptable with our God. We need, therefore, to use our voice and our voting rights to make these things known. We have the gateway to heaven and should be praying fervently for our elections and elected officials and for the protection of our freedom. We are those who can repent as did Daniel in the Old Testament, for the sins of our country. But are we doing these things? I am recommitting to do so.  I am recommitting to do my part as a citizen of the United States of America in the natural realm; and as a citizen of the Kingdom of God in the spiritual realm, that the light of the gospel may have the opportunity to shine in the hearts of people everywhere.

I thank God for working through our founding fathers forming our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. By the grace of God, I will be a better steward of what He has given. By the grace of God, it will not be too late. How about you?

One other thought concerning freedom. As many things come to mind when I contemplate this topic, none are so important as the freedom we have if we live in Christ. I hope you will enjoy the short video I have posted at this link sharing the many images of freedom.

Happy Independence!

With Love and Care,