We Like the Light – But Which Light?

Yesterday, my husband, Jon, and I jumped into the car and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada, approximately a 4-hour road trip. Yeah, I know, Las Vegas has the nickname “sin city”, but Jon’s beautiful and compassionate sister invited us to join her and Jon’s eighty-six year old mother for a couple days at the Rio Hotel on her! We were ready for a mini-vacation so this was perfect timing and a great gift to us! Besides, how could we pass up the opportunity to visit with them when they were so nearby? Kathy, Jon’s sister lives in Washington, D.C. and his mother lives in Minnesota making it difficult to visit often. Our time together thus far, has been blessed and I thank God for arranging it.
I love the way God speaks to us in so many various ways to include the activities we find ourselves engaged in. Last night I stood at our hotel room window and enjoyed the magnificent view of the well-lit city. I marveled at the beautiful lights and their bright colors and I thought, “Isn’t it strange how man, even in his unredeemed nature, is drawn to light. Man built a city for the purpose of indulging man in the sinful pleasures of the world but instead of making it a dark place, he has lit it up like nothing else I have ever seen.” God spoke to me in my spirit and said, “Sarah, man is drawn to the light because at the core of his being, He is in search of Me. Satan uses light as a counterfeit of the true Light (Me- 1 John 1:9) but instead of leading men to life, he leads them to death. There is always a resemblance of light and truth in all that he does but his light will go out.” Job 18:5 says, “Indeed, the light of the wicked goes out, and the flame of his fire gives no light.” How important it is for us to examine the light that we walk in. Is it the light of the wicked or the light of the LORD (Isaiah 2:5)?”


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