Our Desires – Where do They Come From?

Psalm 37:4 tells us that God gives us the desires of our heart and then fulfills them. The key is spending time with God so that we are motivated by the desires He gives us and not those that spring up from our flesh. Recently God has been showing me some things in my life that have taken His place and resulted in my falling into this deception myself.  The deception that our desires will be godly without keeping God first in our lives through bible reading, prayer and meditation. How about you? Are you seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, allowing Him to give you everything He desires. Or, are you seeking  things in place of Him? If you want desires that come from God, spend time with God. He will impart His desires to you and then He will bring them to pass in your life. God is always waiting for us to run back into His arms. He is quick to forgive and restore that which has been lost as we refocus our attention on Him. Please share your comments as to the distractions we all need to guard our lives from that rob us of God’s best. And, please share any helpful tips you might have for us.

3 thoughts on “Our Desires – Where do They Come From?

  1. It amazes me that this verse is so often read like this: “…and He will give you what you desire…” This is true as well but it does not say that. He will give us the desires and in turn fill them because if we delight in the LORD our desires will be according to His will. He gets the glory, we get the joy!

    • Thank you for posting, Kevin. That is exactly it. In our time spent with God (delighting in Him), His desires become ours. It is a wonderful supernatural thing! And, then…of course He being a sovereign, all powerful God will bring His desires to pass through us.

      I agree with you that many people quote this Scripture thinking it is all about us as though God just sits and waits to give us whatever we want whether it is good for us or not and whether it is His plan or not. We sometimes have a difficult time allowing God to be Lord of our lives but when you think about it, do we really want Him to bring to pass our desires that are not according to His will? He does at times let man go His own way and gives him what he thinks he wants to do such as He did with Balaam the prophet. Surely none of us really want that.

      Thanks for chatting about the Word of God with me. I love it so much. Nothing else compares!

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