Draw Near to God

Last weekend I had the honor to share with my sisters in Christ at the Christian Girlfriends at the Beach Annual Conference. It was an incredible time for me!

The theme of the conference was focused on doing our part as Christians in erasing the line where Christ begins and we end.  In other words, becoming one with Christ in our thoughts, attitudes and deeds.  We discovered that if we are not experiencing change in our lives then we are either “not saved” therefore void of the spirit of the Lord within us OR we are not spending time with God in prayer and meditation in His Word.  If we are asking, “Where are you God?” and we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior, perhaps we have not yet come near to Him (James 4:8). Perhaps we are allowing the responsibilities and the challenges of life to become distractions…bosses to please, husbands to support, children to raise and shuttle to activities and household chores to complete. 

If we truly are to change and experience the benefits of our salvation this side of heaven, then we must (1) acknowledge we need to change (2) make the decision to change and (3) Commit to be INTENTIONAL and DO SOMETHING to promote change in our lives.  Without intentional effort applied to our lives to spend time with God, we will find ourselves like the caterpillar that was transformed into a butterfly but failed to eat its way out of the cocoon. Without being intentional about our decision to change and leave our old life, we who have been transformed by the grace of God as a new creation in Christ, will die in that old life just as the butterfly died without experiencing the glorious heavenly flight it had been recreated for.

As we approach our celebration tomorrow of the resurrection of Christ, may we think upon the benefits Christ intends for us to reap from His death and resurrection and the new life available to us as a result of His victory. Christ now dwells within all of us who have accepted His free gift of salvation. He is with us to empower us to grow from faith to faith and glory to glory. He is with us to transform us into His likeness. You can experience the heavenly flight as a new creation if you will just acknowledge you need to change (2) Decide to change and (3) Commit to be intentional about what you do to change.

Please make your acknowledgement and decision public by sharing with us on this blog that you are committed to becoming more intentional about experiencing your new life in Christ which is made more and more available as you grow into His likeness. Thoughts on what we can do to become more intentional about this decision are welcome as are Scripture references pertaining to this topic. Let’s help one another in our journey to Christ-likeness.

Remember, you cannot change on your own but if you will draw near to God, He will draw near to you. He is there always but you do these things acknowledging His presence and your need for Him.

2 thoughts on “Draw Near to God

  1. Sarah,

    I was reading this morning about God creating us anew in Christ so that we can do the good things he created us to do-the things he planned long ago. God does want us to have a productive life that advances his kingdom, either in planting seeds that take time to grow or coming in and adding to the work someone else has done-I believe that if we are alive today, God has things for us to do for him! We are responsible for drawing close to God, and I just want to encourage everyone to spend time in prayer and in the word so that they can develop and have a satisfying relationship with God and also know what he wants to do through us with HIS power! The Lord is so good and he longs for us-if we spend time with him and obey him, that longing for him will increase within us!

    Love Valerie

  2. As you pointed out in this blog, I am finding that the busy distractions of everday life and its responsibilities have truly affected me. But the Lord is helping me to finally realize I can lay these things down into His care and walk daily in His amazing freedom. It does come by pressing into Him – in His Word – in worship – just abiding in His Presence. I have spent much of my life trying to “do” for God instead of just “being” in Him. I’ve tried to be “Holy Ghost Jr.” (as Joyce Meyer calls it) in my family, my church, and in my own life far too often. Always trying to “fix” what’s wrong – when only the Lord can do that. I’m now learning to cast all these things onto Jesus’ shoulders. Drawing near to Him and refusing to let anything or anyone interfere with that can be difficult, but so vitally necessary. I do want the line of where Christ begins and I end to be erased. I’m so thankful for His patience with me and for His wonderful grace and mercy. Giving Him all control over all my being really does break the binding chains. The cross of Jesus really is the answer to all our problems. Thank-you for sharing this word and for all you do for the body of Christ.


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