Our Labor Day Story: Scared Puppy Runs for Life

Here came my 9 mo old, 60 lb poodle jumping against the door with a bang, bang, bang. He and Jon had gone for a walk just ten minutes earlier. I noticed the screen door was off the hinges where the puppy evidently nosed it to get in. His collar and leash were absent along with Jon. Elijah was gasping for breath and continued to look at me and then the door as if to say, “Hurry. We have to go help dad.”
Thinking Jon may be lying in the street somewhere and the dog pulled his head out of his collar (he has done it before) to run home for help, I immediately picked up my phone to call him. His phone rang in the kitchen. I thought, “That’s not good.” So I run to the bedroom to grab my shoes thinking Elijah will take me to him. As I am leaving, Jon is entering the house. Praise the Lord!!! Jon is okay.
Elijah had walked around one of those large green city trash containers and when Jon went to pull the leash over it, it caught on the barrel pulling it to the ground with a loud crash right behind the puppy. It evidently scarred the living jeebies out of him.  In fear he frantically pulled to run and broke the chain collar right in two. He ran all the way home  leaving Jon to fend for himself against the great danger that had come upon them.  Maybe he will grow into the  “protector” role.  Afterall, he is just short of 10 months old.  In any event, he certainly is not there yet.

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