Needed Guidance

Ephesians 1:17 –

“That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him.”

 I believe every one of us needs this prayer that Paul prayed for the Ephesian church as written in Ephesians 1:17.  If you are like me, you have to admit you just are not smart enough to figure out most issues you are confronted with in life. We desperately need guidance for our lives from the One who created life in the first place. Who would know better than He how we are to live successfully as husbands and wives, as parents and children, as employers and employees, leaders and followers and in our friendship and enemy relationships? Who would know better how to get us out of the soup and how to solve the unexpected and challenging problems we sometimes find ourselves faced with? Who would know better how to run the race we have been appointed than the One who has appointed the race?

The Greek word used in this verse is from the word “sophias” .  This word sophias is used when speaking of a supernatural insight versus human wisdom. This is the kind of wisdom that can only be received from the Spirit of God. We also have the word “revelation” in this verse which is used to refer to something that has been hidden and is suddenly, almost instantaneously revealed. It reminds me of the phrase found in an old hymn, “I once was blind but now I see”. 

It is kind of like when I opened the blinds in the dining room several days ago, I noticed a hole in the door of our shed. I told my husband and he responded, “that hole has been there since the day we purchased the house”.  I had not seen it until I opened those blinds that particular day.  In applying this example to spiritual truths in regards to the word “revelation”, when God pulls back the veil that covers our spiritual eyes, we suddenly see truths. They are not new truths. They have always been there, but we are just now able to see them.  

When we walk by our natural insight without the hidden insight that only God can reveal,  our understanding is darkened. We think we see, but we don’t. The result is that many times we will go the wrong way, make the wrong choice. If you have been struggling and need guidance in your life, you need to pray this prayer that Paul prayed for the Ephesian church. It is important that we pray for God to give us His wisdom and reveal truth and understanding to us concerning our situations in life because we truly are not able to pull back the veil on our own. This is why we also see in this verse that Paul prays for God to “give” the Ephesian church the wisdom and revelation they need. There is no other way to get it but from Him. We must humble ourselves before God and quit thinking that we are so smart on our own. We are not.

If you need guidance for a situation in your life today, just ASK God to give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Just as quickly as I opened those blinds that day revealing that hole in our shed that had always been there, God can remove the veil that hides the truth you need. It is already there and when the veil is removed, it will instantly bring understanding and the solution you need.

Praise be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ!

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