The Danger of Dissatisfaction

When you think about the beginning when Adam and Eve walked in the Garden of Eden, it is difficult to imagine how Eve could experience dissatisfaction. Afterall, she had perfect fellowship with God, with Adam and with the animals. Adam and Eve had perfect health – no arthritis and no swine flu worries. There wasn’t a need that wasn’t met! Yet, the serpent came along and planted a seed in Eve’s mind that perhaps God was withholding something good from her. Perhaps this one thing  was the one thing  that would make her life perfect. How incredible that seems to us! But it is true, Eve was deceived and began to feel dissatisfied and this led to the fall of man.

Dissatisfaction with what God has given us or with where He has us at any given time can lead to a fall. When you begin to feel dissatisfied with your spouse, your children, your finances, your job, your church – run into the presence of God where He can satisfy your soul.  Think upon the things in your life you can be thankful for and praise God for them. As He fills you with His love, you will find yourself satisfied with a satisfaction beyond anything you can experience from any one or any thing else. 1 Timothy 6:17 tells us God gives us all things for our enjoyment. But we need to allow our God to give us our place and the things He desires for us. When we do this, we can ask for His wisdom to change the things we would like to see changed yet enjoy where we are while on the way to where He may be taking us.

Request:  I am working on a new book and would like to solicit your help. I would like to hear from you about the things that pop into our lives and minds to tempt us to be dissatisfied. It can be things you have experienced or things you have seen others experience. Thank you for your input.

5 thoughts on “The Danger of Dissatisfaction

  1. How does one find a voice for God? I fear being in front of people but I know to show my love for God I have to have a voice for him. I write poetry. Does this count for a voice for my Father? The enemy feeds fear into me. I know that with God all things are possible but fear has weighed me down and held me fast within a wall of stone, hiding from the world, yet loving the Lord.

  2. Katherine,
    Your life lived in obedience to Christ is a voice itself! The way you raise your children, interact with your husband (if you are married), interact with others can speak volumes to those who are watching. And you most definitely can express God’s heart through poetry, thus allowing it to be a voice from Him as well.

    Remember that God is always with you so you have nothing to fear. What can man do to you when God is for you! When you have those fearful thoughts, it is important to not allow yourself to meditate on them. We are told to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. So don’t accept the thought, tell yourself that is not true and replace the thought with the truth of God’s Word! Hey, you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!!! You can conquer fear! It is conquered as your love for Christ and His children grows within you and as you take these thoughts captive and replace them with truth! I will be praying for you! I have been right where you are! Praise be to God that I am now FREE! You can be too!

    • Thank you for your words. The Lord sent you the right words to share with me. I will take them to heart.

  3. I agree that “dissatisfaction” is an unhealthy emotion; it leaves us empty and brings us to the same conclusion as Solomon in Ecclesiastes.
    However, if we are not clear on its meaning, we can confuse it with “longing,” which is a healthy, God-given emotion. Even God “longs.” He longs for His bride, and He longs for the world to know Him, and that none should perish. Longing connects us to God in an ardent way that nothing else can. Longing is a part of who we are, and we shouldn’t try to hamper our longings or be afraid of them. If we don’t give ourselves the freedom to express our longings, fear will try to tell us there is something wrong with us; making us feel like we are looking for satisfaction in unhealthy places.
    God doesn’t want us to avoid longings or to live in fear of having them. He wants us to understand that we were created for more than this world has to offer. When we are honest about our longings before God, expressing the ache in our souls that long to be filled, we are ripe for the hand of God.

    • Great post, Patty!!! Yes, I agree with you completely! I have definitely found that sometimes people get confused with this topic. Actually, God created a void in our souls so we would not be satisfied with salvation alone but would seek after Him. The problem is we so often forsake Him and try to fill it with people, positions and things. He is the only one who can fill it. We forsake Him as the fountain of living waters and hew out broken cisterns that hold no water trying to find fulfillment.

      So, the “longing” in our soul can be natural. In fact, it will never be completely satisfied until we meet Him face to face. Therefore, we need to go to God daily to be filled with His love, forgiveness, strength and wisdom. Then our souls are satisfied as with marrow and fatness (Psalm 63:5). Yet it is still good that we can look forward and desire to be more and do more. God does create an inspiration in our souls that we do not become complacent. Otherwise, where would mankind be today in terms of technology, medical advances, etc. However, when it is a longing given to us by God because we have first been filled with Him, we are still able to enjoy where we are while we are on the way to where we are going. It’s really a cool thing! It is definitely a supernatural thing available only with God!

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