Christian Girlfriends at the Beach Conference Update

What a great time I had at The Christian Girlfriends at the Beach Conference. We were in Myrtle Beach, NC Friday through Sunday. I shared two talks in the general sessions and am so thankful for the opportunity to speak into the hearts of God’s ladies. The women who attended were such a wonderful group of ladies. I really enjoyed those I had the opportunity to talk with and only wish I could have personally talked with more. I am already looking forward to next year!  I hope to have pictures posted soon!

Yesterday I played catch up preparation for my weekly ladies bible study. We had a great time last night talking over God’s Word and watching a Beth Moore video teaching. Today I have just been relaxing and taking it easy. I am enjoying God in the relaxation time and thankful for it. Tomorrow I will be working on catching some chores up around the house and just tidying things up around here. Then I begin preparing for my next two conferences — one in MO and one in GA.

4 thoughts on “Christian Girlfriends at the Beach Conference Update

  1. Sarah the Girlfriends at the Beach Conference was Awesome!
    Meeting all the women of different denominations and even race was heavenly. We all had the main common denominator and that’s our love for Jesus!!!! O when we all get to heaven O what a time its going to be, I can’t wait til next year, I know its going to be even better. Love you Prophetess Ruby Ruth

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