Hello Friends,
It has been some time since I have blogged. I got a new little puppy for  Christmas and boy has he been a handful! Yet, he is a joy at the same time. We named him Elijah. Well, actually my husband named him but I agreed upon it. I am including his picture in this first blog of my new blog since he seems to be such a big part of my life these days.  Isn’t he cute! He is 15 weeks in this picture and weighs approximately 22 lbs. Now he is 17 weeks and weighs 30 lbs. We expect he will one day be around 50 to 55 lbs. That’s a lot of dog!

I have to admit that my husband (Jon) and I had no idea what we were getting into (-:   With the teething and the housetraining not to mention the getting into things, we feel like we have a 18 month old baby in the house again LOL. 

He is sweet though and we love him. He is so curious and so loving. Some of the things he does are so hilarious that we burst into laughter. Isn’t it funny how good things also have their challenges? I suppose one has to weigh what the challenges will be when making decisions concerning getting a pet, having children, changing jobs, getting married or whatever it may be. Then weigh the expected joys and determine whether it is worth dealing with the challenges or not. For me, I expect at least 14 years of joy to come from this puppy long after the challenges of puppyhood have gone by the wayside. Therefore, I see the present challenges and sacrifices as temporary and as worthwhile.

How about you? Do you have a pet? What kind of pet do you have? What is it’s name? I would love to hear about your experience with your pet. And hey, if you do not have a pet tell me about your children, your grandchildren or your siblings children.  I believe pets and children add joy to our lives whether we experience them as our own or through our relationship with others. I know God taught me so many things through my children as they were growing up and I expect I will learn a thing or two about life and about God from my pet experience as well.


Elijah at 15 weeks

Elijah at 15 weeks

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  1. Elijah is a beautiful puppy…looks a lot like the kind of dog being selected as the next White House doggie. Curly hair and supposed to be one who does not shed or leave allergies.
    We used to be folks with pets, especially cats. But I grew up on a farm with lots of animal friends to enjoy. One dog, a mutt Collie mix most likely, named Buddy, was one who would be my friend when I was sad. We’d both sit and enjoy the moments until they passed. Then after Buddy, came Poochie. He was a carrot-loving Pit Bull terrior who wasn’t ferocious with any of us. Cats, calves, rabbits, sheep, pigs, horses and donkeys…lots of pets. Oh, lest I forget there was a pet chicken us kids named Charlie, thinking he was a male, until one day an egg was laid. Things are not always what they seem at first. There could be some great life lessons in that thought. And now, I’m married to a guy named Charlie.

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